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Below is a list of available jobs and gigs for the Aubrey Marcus team. This is NOT a place to apply for Onnit jobs. The Aubrey Marcus team is employed under Warrior Poet LLC, and has no official ties to Onnit. Please be respectful of our time and only apply if you are specifically suited to one of these positions. We are NOT hiring generalists or taking interns, mentees at this time. 

Chief Marketing Officer

Pay: $100-160k Depending on Experience


  • Must have held a VP of Marketing or CMO position for a content producer or content producing brand to apply. 
  • Or an agency executive responsible for growth management and marketing 
  • Must be willing to live in Austin

Job Description:

You will be overseeing the growth of the following:

  • Podcast
  • Social Media Channels
  • FFS Academy
  • Go For Your Win
  • Own The Day
  • Videos / Poetry
  • Email List

You will coordinate with Aubrey and team for the launch of the following:

  • Master Your Mind Book
  • Awake In The Darkness Documentary

To Apply:

  • Send a cover letter that includes a description of which content of mine in particular you have resonated with. 
  • Describe how you feel that you can help contribute to the good of all, if we hire you.
  • Explain why out of the many applicants, you are the correct choice.
  • Be brutally honest about your strengths, weaknesses, and work ethic. 
  • Attach your CV
  • Email to Jobs@AubreyMarcus.com with Subject: Chief Marketing Officer 

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