Astral Snakes + Binaural Beats with Cory Allen - AMP #59

In this podcast with the astral Junk Yard dog, my man Cory Allen, we talk about his surprise visit into my ayahuasca vision and the binaural beat project we've been working on.


  • What is the art in the background?

  • It looks great. Thanks for your article and keep publishing more informative content!!

    Tom Chavez
  • AMP podcasts are unique with lots of insightful and entertaining guests. I look forward to them, good shit :). Can’t wait to zen out to some beats!

    Brandon Cummings
  • Where can we buy the binaural beats he recorded? I’d love to give it a try! Loved the podcast. You are in my go to podcast list for daily inspiration. Thank you for the life changing work you are doing!

    Leslie Flinger
  • I’ve come across a couple binaural beats and started dreaming and a couple lucid dreams. Been trying to astral project but its been a toughy.

    Keith Robinson

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