Walking the Unconventional Path with Whitney Miller | AMP #54

Walking the Unconventional Path with Whitney Miller | AMP #54

In a 'tell almost all' podcast with my partner, Whitney Miller, we discuss the trials and tribulations of the path to greater consciousness, before turning the discussion to the nature of our unconventional relationship.

Show Notes

Whitney Miller @Miss2Jits Sedona Goddess Empowerment Retreat AMP with Nicolas Gregoriades Book Review u2022 The Mastery of Love Truthgasms - Coming Very Very Soon

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  • Really enjoy your point of view Aubrey and appreciate hearing about your relationship. You opened a great topic today but at the same time, evasive! “It” does work and, I think, a more intuitive way to be in a relationship. Having employed the old way in engaging the opposite sex I can confidently say that it fails the individuals and the relationship in so many ways. Being fully loving means being fully accepting of the needs and desires of your partner. Thanks for bringing the concept of open relationship to light from your unique perspective. I would enjoy more discussion.

    Emmy Dee
  • I agree. I was I was a bit confused..

    Anna Walden

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