Truth Sets You Free with Paul Selig | AMP #172

Truth Sets You Free with Paul Selig | AMP #172

My old friend Paul Selig, a true gift to the world, returns to Austin to join me on the podcast for an invitation to liberate yourself with truth. We discuss some of the teachings from his new book, the Book of Freedom, and even dive deep into the vulnerable lessons I can learn from the trials and challenges of my path.


  • That kicked ass.
    I am free, I am free, I am free!

    Would love to talk to Paul Selig and ask the guides some deep deep questions one day. Some real doozies.

  • Let us not forget that these books are not written by Paul. The words come through him from The Group, they are not Paul’s words. It is easy to forget that Paul and the Group are not the same.

  • Wow, I read, I listen, I share. I’m moved, inspired and guided. Pride and gratitude are weak expressions of how deeply moved I am from your work, your wisdom and your reslove. It has never felt so good to be a Marcus.

    Uncle David Marcus

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