Truth and Responsibility with Dr. Jordan Peterson | AMP #155

Truth and Responsibility with Dr. Jordan Peterson | AMP #155

The people asked and Dr. Jordan B. Peterson answered! This long-anticipated conversation with one of the brightest minds in the field of psychology did not disappoint. With razor sharp logic, the oddly notorious Dr. Peterson wastes no time cutting right to the truth of the stories told by society, and more importantly, the stories we tell ourselves. In this wide ranging discussion we discuss the themes of responsibility and redemption and how it is never too late to save the world--Starting with yourself first.


  • I found this to be truly evocative and helpful beyond measure… It also offers great wisdom on how to make peace with our own personal mission. Thank you so much for your work in the world and being courageous enough to deliver it selflessly!

    Debo Viapiana Ricci
  • Haven’t followed to you enough to know if you’ve touched on marduk died. Alexander the Great found found him dead.the Annunaki left in 956b.c.e. who still here?

    Aaron Rogers
  • Dr. Peterson- I love to listen and ponder your insight – it very much resonates with so many of us. I do not think you understand prayer or our relationship to the God who is.
    Please read the Westminster Confession of Faith! We can prayer about every little thing, but are we not glad He answers to His wisdom, NOT ours. There is true truth (Francis Shaffer reiterates this faithfully in his writings) – we do not have our “own truth” – otherwise there is no truth. Love you!

    Johannah Oliver
  • Jordan, I’m worried about you. You talk for hours about very interesting things but seem to lack any humor? Also, your 12 steps toward a better life and your inspiration for that, I wonder. You started doing alcohol counseling. There are 12 steps in AA. Also, some real similarities. Truthfulness, cleaning house etc. But taking time off is right up alley so…ok.

  • Dr. Peterson I have seen you on You tube , you spoke of the violent and illness of so many people. Please contact me I want to speak the truth , would you allow me the time to do so also many area’s on internet just blacked out.


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