The Lap of Ayahuasca with Kyle Kingsbury | AMP #213

The Lap of Ayahuasca with Kyle Kingsbury | AMP #213

My brother, Kyle Kingbury, came back on the podcast to decompress and share the story of his 25th Ayahuasca journey. Despite his many past experiences, he was still an infant in the lap of mama Aya. On this journey, there were nights that never ended, filled with old memories of his earliest fears, and ultimately a surrender that led to the cessation of his generational trauma. Kyle recently launched his own podcast The Kyle Kingsbury Podcast. Subscribe here!

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  • Thank you for sharing Kingsbu! you described your experience really well, as someone whos never had the opportunity to experience the medicine (yet), I felt like i was there with you during that ‘long’ night. blessings to you and your family


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