SPECIAL Plant Medicine Solocast | AMP #34

SPECIAL Plant Medicine Solocast | AMP #34

In my first ever Solocast, I describe the intensely transformative medicine journeys of the last three months, including an errant foray into the world of Kambo, and the most challenging Ayahuasca journey of my life. This is the only place I intend to discuss these very personal experiences.


  • I was just gunna bug you about doing a podcast on Facebook Aubrey, decided to check here again just to be sure, and what do you know! New podcast!

    Really enjoyed this one; love hearing about your experiences, trials and tribulations and all that! Could sit and listen to you talk about that stuff for hours and hours!

  • Bravo fearless jag !

    Mary Bennett
  • I started my plant medicine journey recently with psyclobin. The first experience was amazing and rich with knowledge. The second time on the other hand was a little rough. The spirit of the medicine was not very welcoming and I felt somewhat bullied throughout the experience. I am still getting my grounds within this reality and trying to stay patient and open… I do appreciate the work you have put into the research of these medicines, as well as sharing your experiences.

  • Brilliant podcast, Aubrey. Thanks man x

  • Thanks Aubrey for giving us insight on your journeys. I truly enjoy listening to all you have to say.


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