Psychedelic Medicine featuring MAPS founder Rick Doblin | AMP #20

Psychedelic Medicine featuring MAPS founder Rick Doblin | AMP #20

In this special 2 hour podcast I meet with MAPS founder and psychedelic science pioneer Rick Doblin along with one of the chief researchers Dr. Charles Grob. Our discussion ranges from their own personal history and how they came to be leaders in the field, to the wider applications and futures of psychedelic medicine.


  • Great podcast, I could listen to Rick Doblin all day. Please have him back. By the way, you guys made that food sound friggen delicious!

  • Powerful MAPS. I had the oppourtunity to talk with Brad Burge, also a cool cat!

    IGC Podcast
  • I’ve been rude with my last comment… I’m sorry.

    Gave me the idea to eliminate my misophonia with the help of psychedelic

    Peace and love

  • I loved the clinking and sounds of pouring coffee. Very enjoyable podcast.

  • i tend to agree, charming is just the word. it added an extra dimension of authenticity to a fascinating and important discussion. when Aubrey started chomping on what sounded like doritos I had to let my head roll back for a long, delicious chuckle. he was so enthusiastic though that he kept talking over doblin and grob, I kept wanting to say ‘let the man finish!’ but really who could blame him for being excited to talk about these things with these two guys? great conversation!

    sporkentity .

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