Kathy Shubin | AMP #31

Kathy Shubin | AMP #31

Wimbledon semi-finalist, world traveler, my mother, Kathy Shubin (born Kathy Harter) sits down for a chat with me about the lessons from a life well lived, and her recent trip down to the Spiritquest Sanctuary to experience the sacraments of Ayahuasca, Huachuma, and Vilka.


  • Thank you so much Aubrey for bringing this delicate beautiful and wise woman in our attention .Im so grateful and happy to see families like that.Its such an inspiration.To me there is nothing more valuable than being able to share this pure love one gets to experience when becoming innocent and authentic,with family.In a perfect world kids would speak out,say what they think,be free to express for they parents will always trust them..Thank you both for planting the seeds,the fruit reaches Europe :)

    cristina cheibas

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