Cory Allen and Aubrey Marcus | AMP #2

Cory Allen and Aubrey Marcus | AMP #2

A sound check from an audio technician I met only minutes before recording, turns into one of the coolest podcasts I have been a part of. We And yes, the sound quality is much improved! We cover multiple aspects of consciousness, meditation, and psychedelic exploration. A must hear for those who enjoy the Warrior Poet philosophy. Thanks to @quietdesign 's Cory Allen for helping out and being such a cool guest. Check out his music at and if you need some sound mastering hit him up at


  • Listened to the first one as well, good work man, a fine start. I would suggest higher volume though, I couldn’t hear shit.

  • Thanks for keepin up with us and for the links. I’ll be sure to check em out.

  • The shared insight is greatly appreciated, thanks. I’ve been stopping by ever since your appearances on the Rogan cast.

    I think you’d find some of Stefan Molyneux’s books interesting reads. Particulary Everyday Anarchy and Realtime Relationships.

    Great YoutTube channel too:The State:
    Procrastination: regards and in the light of liberty,Steve

  • Its hard to wake people up to the political scheme. Both parties are controlled by the same corrupt bankesters. But many stay in the duality of hating the enemy. They got many to hate “republicans” after Bush. That was just to make everyone think it was great to vote for Obama. We must learn to look past a party and look to the ideas of people to vote. It’s not just one guy as president that is ruining anything. If they haven’t been killed, they were against a free america. All senators and governors have been pushing deadly legislation for hundreds of years. All governments are designed to control the people rather than stand for and represent them.

  • Yea, that was my bad. I was concerned about the spikes when we laughed but it ended up being a bit too quiet. I’ll remedy next time


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