AYAHUASCA SPECIAL: Live from Peru | AMP #5

AYAHUASCA SPECIAL: Live from Peru | AMP #5

In this special podcast live from Peru, I discuss my experience in the jungle as it happens with long time friend and fellow journeyman, Olympic Gold Medal skier Bode Miller. Follow @MillerBode on twitter- I will definitely have him on a regular edition of the podcast sometime soon. Special thanks to my homie Cory Allen, @quietdesign for helping with the Audio, making the jungle come to life and the rough parts more audible!


  • Hi Aubrey, thanks for sharing. I am considering going down to Peru for the ayahuasca experience with maestro orlando. My budget will allow me just to go there for 7 days but I am worried about not getting the “fireworks” as you described it, for only my airplaneticket will be around $1500… Would like to hear from you

  • Update – I decided to take the meds after all after talking to someone else who’d been and done the same thing. I’m taking Malarone as it seems to be the best choice when taking ayahuasca. The cynical price confirms everything I’ve come to hate about big pharma. Unfortunately the other 2 meds – larium and deoxycycline – seem to often have an adverse reaction with ayahuasca so was advised strongly against them. Really didn’t want to take anything but there was just too much fog between what the locals say and what the doctors/CDC and other sources say. Couldn’t get a clear guide. Afte hearing the horror stories about my uncle’s recurring malaria caught in a Japanese POW camp in Burma, I decided to err on the side of caution! Big pharma 1 – me 0.

  • You can now download my podcasts directly from might site, much love!

    Aubrey Marcus
  • On the Podcast you mentioned you were going to create a group trip for the Ayahuaska experience.

    Can you please share the information of the location or place to find “maestro orlando”. I like to go to Peru for an Ayahuaska trip and like to visit Maestro Orlando.

    Thank you,


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