AYAHUASCA SPECIAL: Live from Peru | AMP #5

AYAHUASCA SPECIAL: Live from Peru | AMP #5

In this special podcast live from Peru, I discuss my experience in the jungle as it happens with long time friend and fellow journeyman, Olympic Gold Medal skier Bode Miller. Follow @MillerBode on twitter- I will definitely have him on a regular edition of the podcast sometime soon. Special thanks to my homie Cory Allen, @quietdesign for helping with the Audio, making the jungle come to life and the rough parts more audible!


  • I love you on the Joe Rogan Experience. How do I download your podcast to listen to later if I don’t have itunes?

  • Ha, thank you— I am just happy that I can share the few things that I learn along the way and play my small part.

  • We went to the same spot, but I am going to arrange something better to recommend to peops.

  • Hello Aubrey. I’m not sure this comment will even appear on your radar, but if it’s not too intrusive a question, I just wanted to ask if you took anti-Malaria medication when you went to Peru?
    I’ve been advised by the staff where I’m going not to take them, but vehemently advised by my doctor yesterday to take them. I have no idea what to do now – no-one wants Malaria – I’ve heard horror stories about it. With no prior experience of the place or Malaria, do I listen to the acclimatised Westerners who don’t take meds and say the risk assessment is overblown, or do I listen to Western medicine. What would Solomon do?
    Will obviously take a good repellent either way – any suggestions on that by the way? I’m told DEET is a bad idea for this experience, so looking for a good natural one.
    I know this is verging on O/T, but at least it’s relevant for anyone going out there to experience this. Having seen you talk on your podcasts and the JRE, you seem pretty clued-up, so I thought you’d be the best person to ask this question.

  • Once you have made better arrangements, how can we find out about your recommendation?


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