Astral Snakes + Binaural Beats with Cory Allen | AMP #59


  • Check this out. Music mixed with theta. Its the most powerful I listened
    to so far.

    Robin Basboga
  • Also interested in the Aubrey version of binaural beats!
    When, where can we access?
    Keep up the great work AM, your journey parallels & inspires my own seek & explore.

    Jay Hill
  • Love the show, Aubrey. I’m reading “The Toltec Art of Life and Death” right now because I heard you mention it on a previous episode. I also sat in my first circle ceremony a month ago…and your podcast was a huge help.

    I’m an entrepreneur too (though young and still on the way up!), and I blog and write songs so I’m looking forward to helping your message…and more messages be spread among the world!

    Anyway, I’d love the links to Corey’s course. Thanks!

  • the binaural beats will be available very soon!

    Dustin Hayungs
  • where are the show notes??? Trying to tack down these beats!


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