Amber Lyon | AMP #30


  • Yes!

    Mark Butler
  • Beautiful discussion friends!!! :) You two are both on the right path, spreading consciousness and healing energy throughout the cosmos. Much love Aubrey, Amber, and Ayahuasca (representing the psychedelic AAA) ;)

    Blake C. Erickson
  • Great Podcast! I would like to read the article that Amber Lyon is talking about. She talks about how Cillicybin can stimulate brain genesis, the regrowth of braincells. I cant seem to find it on the internet. Can anyone please help me? :-)

  • Thanks for your podcast about ayahuasca. The more people who know about it, the better—it is a miraculous brew that can save lives and relieve enormous suffering.

    Amber, I’m so glad it helped you. Spread the word.

    -Kira Salak (writer of the ayahuasca article for NatGeo)

    Kira Salak
  • Nice insight Ben and great last line!

    Jim Traister

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