The Music from "Ayahuasca" with Porangui | AMP #67

The Music from "Ayahuasca" with Porangui | AMP #67

In this podcast the musical warrior Porangui brings out his assortment of melodious weaponry to launch a sonic campaign explaining the power of music and the role it plays in the upcoming documentary "Ayahuasca". Stay tuned at the end for special samples of the new album. [myshortcoderev]

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  • Thank you Aubrey Markus and Porangui you guys have created some inspiring art. Especially the dig, it’s really taught me a lot about inner space that I never could have imagined. Thank you for honest happy way you present profound work. Much love.

    Marc DeRosa
  • When you whipped out Don Rober’s flower bath song I was completely transported back to SpiritQuest and got a massive smile on my face that’s not going away any time soon. Having a musician on the journey must be wonderful, too. Beautiful podcast, guys – thank you!

    Jon Waterlow
  • Hi Jason, the album will be available on my website next week and we’ll make an announcement on facebook and twitter.
    Much love!

    Aubrey Marcus

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