Live Q&A With Cory Allen

Live Q&A With Cory Allen

In this experimental Q&A podcast with Cory Allen, we get to some of the core questions from our listeners, which happen to be some of the core questions in life. More than ever, I personally benefitted from the viewpoints of my cohost. Particularly if you are interested in practical meditation technique, this is an ideal podcast to listen to.

  • SB

    Thanks for the great information in this podcast, I’ve been developing my own system and discovered a few of these techniques on my own, for example the power of meditation in front of a mirror. Its good to hear these ideas re-affirmed from others who are on a similar path.

  • recovery101

    I had an amazing meditation experience years ago .. changed my life forever .. lost myself and become a ball of energy no awareness of the body . It freaked me out to begin with felt like i had been drugged to get to that state but it was all natural. Enjoyed the Podcast have a great day